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pas • sion [pash-uh n]- noun
A powerful emotion or feeling, such as love.

com • mit • ment [kuh-mit-muh nt] - noun
The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.




121 Personal Training, AUT
Adventure Club Nepal Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd., NEP
Andreas Titz IT Services, AUT
Artner Markus Massage, AUT
ASKÖ Dart Club BGLD Mitte, AUT
Blüten Creationen, AUT
Certec EDV GmbH
Christophorus Flight Rescue Association, AUT
Coffeeshock Company, AUT
Dolce Cantus, AUT
Dorfenergie Draßmarkt regGenmbH, AUT
Gren2enlos, AUT
Eckhardt Michaela + Martin, AUT
fabulous minds gmbh, GER
Fuck Off And Freak Out Festival, AUT
Godowitsch Doris + Christian, AUT
Harald Ertl, AUT
Helge Hausensteiner, AUT
K2 Marketing GmbH, AUT
Kirstin Wilhelm, AUT
Nadja Klein, AUT
Marion Lang, AUT
Maurer Joahnn, AUT
MP Dienstleistungs GmbH, GER
Niegl Florian, AUT
Parental Association Draßmarkt, AUT
Perfler Daniel, AUT
Primary school Lackenbach, AUT
Primary school Weppersdorf, AUT
Radsportverein "Frei Weg!" Serrig e.V.
Rösslhof Eva Niederwolfsgruber, ITA
SPÖ Neutal, AUT
STK-Kustor Textile, AUT
Tidemann Products, AUT
Wegscheidler Manuela + Christian, AUT


Ines Meisel Yoga, GER
"Paul's work is brilliant! I highly recommend his work because...
(1) Paul's Design = 100% me! Although we only emailed, the Design is 100% me.
(2) I could only see my separate pieces; Paul's design made them whole.
He visualises how they all fit together, which gave me more structure.
(3) Answering my emails: always much less than an hour!
(4) Paul is totally focused and accommodates the needs of customers!
He finds the best and most innovative solutions for them.
(5) Althought I'm a technical dummy I could make the right decisions!
Paul explained all the technical terms to me patiently and easily by
mail so that even I can understand the technical background.
(6) To work with Paul is inspirational and delightful!"


Wegscheidler Uschi + Feymann Michael, AUT
"Brilliant work!
We wanted a clean and modern design, not overcharged and
we're really happy with the cool result!
Very positive feedback so far!"




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Breitholzgasse 3
7343 Neutal

Twitter: @PAULGRILLcom

If there might be something I can't do for you,
I always know someone that does!




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